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Brown Flowers Album

“Brown Flowers” is available WorldWide!

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We have partnered with Bucket Clothing to begin releasing our line of shirts, accessories, stickers, and more.

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Our Music

Brown Flowers Album NFT - Gold

Brown Flowers NFTs

We are excited to be one of the first metal bands to mint an entire album as a self-contained album with a player that includes individual tracks and artwork. We decided to mint our Premiere Gold Edition (a limited edition of 10 copies) on the Cardano blockchain.

We will be dropping additional NFTs on Cardano and other blockchains in the near future. Our NFTs will provide holders not only with our music but other benefits, like early access to new songs, albums, and NFTs, along with others.

If you are interested in Cardano and setting up a wallet, learn more here.

Our Cardano policy ID for the Brown Flowers album is: e27e17f53ac2480ea737a704f52f93fb3e84d138e4b63041f7a0b0b5

This helps to make verify that any Brown Flowers NFTs that you see are coming from us.

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